No More Fretting Hand Pain

Does your wrist and hand hurt from playing guitar? Whether you’re new at playing guitar or you’re a seasoned guitar player, you’ll want to protect yourself from guitar tendonitis, arthritis and repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Stringed Instrument Performance Spacer (SIPS-GRIP) is designed to free your thumb and keep your wrist straight!

Common Grip Techniques

picture 1:1

A typical guitar neck grip forms a “Natural V” between the guitar neck and the palm of your hand. (See picture 1:1). The “Natural V” grip forces your thumb to support the guitar neck often causing basal thumb arthritis.

picture 1:2

Another grip technique that his often used is to push the wrist towards the neck of the guitar and wrap the thumb around the top. (See picture 1:2). This grip keeps the wrist aggravated and can lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI) or carpal tunnel syndrome. You can also end up with a tingling feeling in your thumb by using this guitar grip!

New Innovative Design

Keep Your Wrist Straight – Take Pressure Off Your Thumb

SIPS-GRIP is made from light weight polymer to conform to the back of any guitar neck. It easily slides up and down the neck without scratching.

SIPS-GRIP is designed to keep your wrist straight and free your thumb. This inexpensive product fills the “Natural V” and shifts grip pressure from the thumb to the palm of your hand.

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