The SIPS-GRIP concept: If you are a seasoned guitar player you probably already know that many guitarists suffer from Guitar Tendonitis, Arthritis, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and even Carpal Tunnel in their fretting hand and wrist. A simple Google search on the topic will produce a massive amount of articles on the subject. If you’re a beginner your fretting hand probably hurts from contorting it to make chords ring out. This can really force you to cut down on your practice time and make guitar playing just plain not fun. The SIPS-GRIP – Stringed Instrument Performance Spacer was developed from the concept to help prevent fretting hand pain from beginner to seasoned professional.

Natural “V” grip.


Natural “V” variation.

SIPS-GRIP Principals and Design: A typical guitar neck grip forms a “natural V” between the guitar neck and the palm of the hand as shown in these pictures. The thumb is constantly used to support the guitar neck and hold it still so the fingers can fret consistently. This can eventually lead to fretting hand pain and contribute to basal thumb arthritis.


Another common grip technique is to push the wrist towards the neck of the guitar and wrap the thumb as shown in these pictures. This keeps the wrist bent instead of straight which can aggravate and eventually lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome. Not to mention problems at the end of the thumb above the first joint. Some players complain of losing feeling in their thumb after playing with this grip.



SIPS-GRIP – Stringed Instrument Performance Spacer is designed to free the thumb and keep the wrist straight. SIPS frees the thumb by filling the “Natural V” formed by the typical guitar grip and shifting grip pressure from the thumb to the palm of the hand. This allows the player to control and support the guitar neck with the palm of the hand instead of pressing the thumb against the back of the neck.

SIPS-GRIP is precisely tapered to help keep the wrist straight so you don’t have to jam your wrist against the guitar neck when fretting chords.

The principle of shifting the pressure from the thumb to the palm area of the hand (thenar space and palmar arch) and helping to keep the wrist straight when playing a stringed instrument is so unique that it earned a United States patent in 2016.

SIPS GRIP is made from a light weight polymer that has a slight give to it so it will conform to the back of the guitar neck regardless of width. It easily slides up and down the neck without scratching. The SIPS-GRIP stays out of the way so no change in playing technique is needed or forced. Comes with a comfortable elastic Velcro strap to hold it in place.