From Mark, E’Lisa Jones Band:  I find you spacer works well. Helps extend rehearsals by helping the wrist from getting overworked. Wish you the best of luck with it.

From Chad: Thank you SIPS for helping me. This tool is great for beginners trying to learn guitar the right way… It’s a must have for new students. Love it!

From Ken:
“I started playing the guitar a year ago and many a time had to put it down because of carpal tunnel pain. I also have arthritis in my hand and with SIPS I can now play longer periods of time with much less pain and sometimes with no pain at all. I was really concerned that I would have to quit playing the guitar because of the discomfort but with your item I’m a new man with hopes and aspirations of many years of enjoyable guitar playing.”


From Gary:
“After trying SIPS, I found it to be extremely comfortable and completely non‐obtrusive. SIPS puts your hand in a position that facilitates correct hand placement and actually allows for a full range of motion, whether you’re chording or playing single lines. Because it allows for comfortable placement on the neck, I can see where it would be beneficial to someone with hand/wrist mobility problems (carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, etc). I also think it would be a great tool for beginning guitarists to use. It would help to foster good playing habits and help to stem mobility problems later in their guitar playing life. I have been playing guitar for over forty years and I highly recommend using SIPS.”